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The Earth Observer: Jul - Aug, 2017

Volume 29, Issue 4

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  • Editor’s CornerFront Cover
  • Feature Articles
  • The Third A-Train Symposium: Summary and Perspectives on a Decade of Constellation-Based Earth Observations4
  • Meeting Summaries
  • 2017 ASTER Science Team Meeting Summary19
  • 2017 ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting Summary24
  • Summary of the Third GEDI Science Definition Team Meeting28
  • CERES Science Team Meeting Summary32
  • In The News
  • NASA–MIT Study Evaluates Efficiency of Oceans as Heat Sink, Atmospheric Gases Sponge37
  • NASA Aids Study of Lake Michigan High-Ozone Events39
  • NASA Data Suggest Future May Be Rainier Than Expected40
  • Announcements
  • Up and ATom! 2016 Atmospheric Tomography Mission Dataset Released23
  • DSCOVR EPIC and NISTAR Level-1 Data Released27
  • Coming This Fall: Publication of Landsat Legacy Book31
  • Storytelling and More: NASA Science at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting38
  • Regular Features
  • NASA Earth Science in the News41
  • Science Calendars43

Editor’s Corner
Steve Platnick
EOS Senior Project Scientist

As it has done for nearly sixty years, NASA continues to push technology to enable new science. In 2014 NASA’s Science Mission Directorate’s (SMD) Advanced Technology Initiatives Program (ATIP) and the Earth Science Technology Office’s (ESTO) In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) program selected the IceCube project, a fast-track spaceflight demonstration of an 883-GHz cloud radiometer on...